Friday, July 22, 2016

A Day in the Life: Monday

I'm often asked what I do all day now that I stay at home with the kids. The short answer is this:
I was recently reading a post on another mom's blog where she had documented their crazy day. Monday was one of those days where I thought to myself, "I need to write this day down because one day, I'm going to look back and miss having so much to do!" So here is my attempt to record an average Monday at the Harrison house: 

6:15: Wake-up call for me! This was on my First 5 app the other day and is SO true! I've learned that if I don't get up early before everyone else in the house and have my quiet time with God, then chances are, my day will get busy and I won't do it. God ALWAYS gives us His first and His best, so why can't we do the same for Him?
I'm currently reading For the Love by Jen Hatmaker. She is a hilarious Christian author and this book is just fabulous!
 This is an excerpt from her book and it could not be any truer of the season of life that I am currently in! It is so refreshing to start the day with some words of wisdom from a fellow mom, plus some words of wisdom from our awesome God!

After my quiet time in The Bible, off to the gym I go! Again, I feel like going first thing sets the framework for my entire day. It forces me to eat healthy and gives me so much energy! Disclaimer: The gym is a constant struggle for me.  I have to continuously make that decision to get up and go because most mornings, the bed just sounds way more appealing!!!
My post-workout-I'm-a-hot-sweaty-mess pic with my Muscle Milk (not my favorite protein drink, but we are all out of our Advocare protein, so this was a quick replacement).

I got home from the gym about 8:00 as Josh and the kids were waking up. I fixed a quick breakfast for everyone, threw clothes on and loaded up the kids, and off to the grocery store we went! Meanwhile, Josh had a full day of going to the dump, cutting the grass at the baseball field, training a kid in the weight room, and building a deck (another post, another time!).
Yes, we eat the free cookies from the grocery store at 8:30 in the morning. Don't judge!

When the shopping was complete, we scooted back home, unloaded groceries, threw dinner in the crockpot, loaded/unloaded the dishwasher, swept the breakfast off the floor, packed picnic lunches, put on swimsuits, and headed to the pool with the cousins! 
Edee Kate has just started using her puddle jumper and swimming on her own and is doing a phenomenal job! The kids love the pool and would stay there all day if they could. It's an added bonus when they also get to swim with their cousins!

After the pool, Pierce stayed with Wyatt and Briggs so that he could go to story time at the library, while Edee Kate and I headed home. By this time, it was about 1:00 which means nap time for EK. 

Once she was asleep, this sweet little princess came over! 
This is Avery, my precious niece! I loved getting to spend time with her while her mommy and daddy went to work! Usually during this time, I sit down at the computer and get work done. I am currently working three jobs from home, so there is lots to get done while the babies sleep (I am an assistant for a realtor, I sell essential oils, and just recently, I started a new adventure of becoming a Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper!!). But I couldn't resist putting the work aside to love on Avery for a day.

Edee Kate woke up as my brother was picking up Avery. We stole a couple more hugs and kisses from "baby A", then it was time to eat supper and get ready for gymnastics! 
I love this action shot of the pigtails!
This was the girls' last class for the summer. We had the most fun at gymnastics (and laughed harder than I care to admit!). We can't wait to start back up again this fall!

When gymnastics was over, I took Edee Kate home to drop her off with Josh and Pierce. I gave the kids a quick hug and kiss goodnight, then out the door I went for small group! 

Our church is currently in a series called "These Are My People". The message behind it all is that you can't do life alone! I love having a group of fellow women/moms to share life with and to encourage one another! 

I left small group about 10:15. I got home, sat on the couch and chatted with Josh for a while, then off to bed we went. This was the last thing I saw before shutting my eyes...

So that is a typical Monday in the Harrison house...nothing crazy or exciting, just lots to do! Of course, not everyday is as jammed packed as this one. But on days where we are so busy, I am constantly reminded of how blessed we are!

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